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Insights into Tarot Card Meanings

The assortment of tarot decks available for tarot card meanings and readings is almost limitless. Each tarot card features detailed, vivid illustrations which vary according to the deck being used for the reading. While the meaning of each card remains mostly consistent in the different types of decks, how each card is interpreted depends on the psychic doing your reading. The meaning of a card may also change depending on the position it is picked for in a tarot spread.

Tarot Cards

The meaning of tarot cards

Every deck of tarot cards has 78 cards. There are 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The minor arcana cards belong to 4 different suits that are the cups, the pentacles, the swords and the wands.  If you are curious to know what each tarot card means, detailed below is an overview of the meaning of each card.

Tarot Reading

The Major Arcana

The fool: New beginnings, optimism, childlike innocence, enthusiasm

The Magician: Versatility, talent, creativity

The High Priestess: Instincts, spiritual connections, knowledge

The Empress: Fertility, creativity, abundance, good fortune

The Emperor: Authority, status, progress, trustworthy

The Hierophant: Ethical, prudent, spiritual quest

The Lovers: Harmony, love, joy, romance

The Chariot: Will power, stamina, mental fortitude

Strength: Physical stamina, endurance, courage

The Hermit: Solitude, introspection, communing with nature

The Wheel of Fortune: Cyclic nature of life, change, improvement

Justice: Balance, compromise, harmony

Death: Start again, sudden change, cutting your losses

Temperance: Moderation, balance, harmony

The Devil: Addiction, obsession, boundary

The Tower: life-altering changes, betrayal, new opportunities

The Star: Success, Fortune, spiritual journey

The Moon: Deception, untruth, confusion

The Sun: Joy, fulfillment, a new relationship

The World: End of a cycle, possibilities, opportunities

Tarot Card Deck

The Minor Arcana

Suit of Cups

The Ace of Cups: Enjoyable phase, creative venture, fulfillment

The Two of Cups: Agreement, joy, fortune

The Three of Cups: Meeting of minds, good fortune, celebrations

The Four of Cups: Discontentment, opportunities, new direction

The Five of Cups: Regret, loss, estrangement

The Six of Cups: Nostalgia, the appearance of someone from the past

The Seven of Cups: Weighing options, caution, several opportunities

The Eight of Cups: Endings, finality, full circle

The Nine of Cups: Contentment, success, achievement

The Ten of Cups: House move, good fortune, success, luck

The Page of Cups; Creative gifts, sensitive, sympathetic

The Knight of Cups: Artistic, impractical, change of residence

The Queen of Cups: Psychic abilities, compassion, sensitive

The King of Cups: Thoughtful, kind, authoritative

Tarot Card Close Up

Suit of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles: Money, abundance, a new job, a new business venture

The Two of Pentacles: Balance, planning, changes

The Three of Pentacles: Grit, success, hard work

The Four of Pentacles: Security, power, success

The Five of Pentacles: Financial instability, worry, fresh start

The Six of Pentacles: Windfall, envy, charity

The Seven of Pentacles: Talents and skills, discovery, resting on laurels

The Eight of Pentacles: Profit, material gains from a hobby, capability

The Nine of Pentacles: Hard work, material benefits, house move

The Ten of Pentacles: Abundance, pinnacle of success, fortune

The Page of Pentacles: A small windfall, efficiency, practical

The Knight of Pentacles: Material prosperity, contentment, success

The Queen of Pentacles: Hard working, pragmatic, prosperous, intolerant

The King of Pentacles: Counting of blessings, generosity, abundance

Tarot Card Suits

Suit of Wands

The Ace of Wands: New enterprise, expansion, travel

The Two of Wands: Taking stock, new opportunities, achievement

The Three of Wands: Energy, enthusiasm, accomplishment

The Four of Wands: Celebration, hard work, happy house move

The Five of Wands: Setbacks, struggle, idealism

The Six of Wands: Status, hard work, victory

The Seven of Wands: Rivalry, success, fending off competition

The Eight of Wands: Harmony, enjoyable bustle, travel

The Nine of Wands: Feeling hemmed in, stagnation, lack of confidence

The Ten of Wands: Overwhelming burdens, new approach, responsibilities

The Page of Wands: Exciting enterprise, new ideas, spiritual development

The Knight of Wands: Travel, house move, good ideas

The Queen of Wands: Intuition, creativity, versatility

The King of Wands: Warm-hearted, generous, enthusiastic


Suit of Swords

The Ace of Swords: Arguments, worry, engrossing ideas

The Two of Swords; Feeling trapped, dilemma, solutions

The Three of Swords: Broken trust, betrayal, health issues

The Four of Swords: Recuperation, adversity, relaxation

The Five of Swords: limitations, difficult situations, acceptance

The Six of Swords: Security, house move, peaceful waters

The Seven of Swords: Tact, carefully choosing words, struggle

The Eight of Swords: Held back by fears, need for courage, difficult circumstances

The Nine of Swords: Fears, worry, anxiety, constructive action

The Ten of Swords: Endings, inevitability, hope

The Page of Swords: Untrustworthy person, caution, guard against mistakes

The Knight of Swords: Mistakes, snap decisions, valuable lessons

The Queen of Swords: Stoic, endurance, gradual improvement

The King of Swords: Authority, strong moral code, powerful

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